Amber and Klar Review: September Birchbox

Amber writes in regular type and you can view her beauty profile here
Klara writes in this type and you can view her beauty profile here

This month, both Klara and I bought the Birchbox, as we had an offer where we could get it half price (it's usually £10). We thought, that since we have different skin types, hair types and generally different opinions, we would both try the products, then both review the box.

K:The Batiste volume spray was a little disappointing I found. I normally love products by Batiste but this made my hair feel chalky and gross and the volume I gained from it was lost after a couple of hours. It was really difficult to brush out too.

A:I tested this out in probably the most unforgiving circumstances: 3-day old sick-Amber hair. I feel like due to its claims of increased volume, it didn't deliver on refreshing my hair, and it was difficult to get the white colour brushed through; it made my hair look a little grey.

K:The cleanser is the best makeup remover I have ever had the pleasure of using. It was easy and effective and made my face feel exceptionally clean afterwards. I will be buying this product to use in the future.

A:I also loved this makeup remover. I thought the bottle looked tiny at first, but barely any was required, and I used four cotton wool pads to remove a full face of makeup (two for skin, one for lips and one for eyes). My skin was left very soft, however, at £10.50 I think I would only rebuy during a 'rich month'.

K:The shower gel looks pretty but I was disappointed that it didn't look sparkly on my skin. I also found that the smell reminded me of my grandma which was off-putting for me.

A:I wasn't too fussed either way about the scent, but it didn't lather very well, and there was no shimmer on my skin. I guess it cleaned well enough.

K:The body butter smells fantastic, kind of like marzipan. It made my skin feel great and wasn't sticky or oily like some body butters. It was light and comfortable instead, and it healed the dry skin on my hands exceptionally quickly.

A:I used this on my arms and the smell is gorgeous: it reminds me of Bakewell tarts! It was super moisturising and I just kept sniffing myself lmao.

A:You can see in my swatch what it looks like concentrated and then blended out. It had lovely pigmentation but was quite shiny/sticky, and as I have a fear of looking shiny (especially my forehead- it's a weird self-conscious thing), I'm not sure I'd wear it as a look.

K:The highlight looks amazing and lasts for a long time. The golden brown one is a little dark for my skin tone but the silver and pink are gorgeous. However, the pot was smaller than I was expecting for a full sized product and I would have been disappointed if I had paid full price for it.