Autumn 2016 Perfumes Reviewed

Today's post is a review of the following three perfumes that are set to be big sellers for Autumn 2016:

DKNY Be Tempted

Release date: September 2016

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria

Release date: August 2016

Chanel No5 L'Eau 

Release date: September 2016

Firstly: the DKNY fragrance. This is a very sweet and very fruity fragrance, with top notes of red berries, licorice, lemon and blackcurrant. I personally found it overwhelming, and before I knew the top notes, I thought it was as if I'd opened a packet of strawberry pencils. Too strong for me as a perfume.
Longevity: unfortunately long but if very sweet and very fruity perfumes are your thing, you'll enjoy it.
Price: £36 for 30ml or £68 for 100ml

Next up is the Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria perfume. This features the gorgeous actress Margot Robbie as the face of this revamp of the Euphoria perfume, which is supposed to be a more young and empowered spin off. It features top notes of cascalone, magic rose, sensual rose, patchouli and white pepper. This makes it a sweet but musky scent, which is lovely and rich, yet sort of oriental.
Longevity: minimal, especially when compared with the longevity of the original Euphoria
Price: £38 for 30ml or £52 for 50ml

Finally, Chanel's offering. I am personally not a huge fan of the original No.5, but I set this aside to try the new No.5 L'Eau. It features Lily-Rose Depp as the face of the perfume, and is said to be lighter but still nods to the original No.5 which is a Chanel classic. My first impressions of this fragrance were scents of orange and rose, and I was right! There are top notes of mandarin, orange and neroli, and the classic rose that is the main ingredient in No.5. However L'Eau also features a woodier base and jasmine, to really make it fresher.
Longevity: good, Chanel keep the aldehydes from No.5, which is part of the secret to the original'/ longevity.
Price: £68 for 50ml or £96 for 100ml

*Disclaimer: The author of this post received all three perfumes in samples from Elle. She will receive no monetary benefit as a result.*