Autumn Best Bits

So anyone who knows me well knows that I hate the cold, so Autumn and winter are always pretty depressing for me but I am trying to be more positive this year so I am looking on the bright side and recognising the good things about this season:

  1. Cute sweaters. I absolutely loveeeeeee being able to crack out my selection of jumpers at the end of summer, they're so cuddly and warm and look great too.
  2. New stationary. One of the only good things about going back to school/college is new stationary, it can't be beaten!
  3. Coffee. I can finally enjoy a gorgeous flavoured latte without needing copious amounts of ice to cool it down. 
  4. Coloured leaves. Gorgeous in real life and great for super cute photos too!
  5. Instagram is lit. Finally we get rid of all the photos of beaches from people's summer travels and can have arty shots in red and gold!
  6. Pumpkins. This is a little controversial for me as I'm not about the PSL hype and I'm not even a massive fan of Halloween but carving pumpkins is great fun and they always look cool afterwards too.
  7. Bonfires. They're pretty and warm, my two favourite qualities! Also they're often accompanied by fireworks which are gorgeous too.
  8. Boots! I love boots but in the summer it's too warm for them. They're just so comfortable and fit my aesthetic so well.
  9. Cuddles. For those of you with boyfriends/girlfriends/pets it's finally cold enough that you can cuddle without both of you overheating. 
  10. Finally, soup. Such a comfort food!