Join the Depreciation Society :)

'Twas a dark and stormy night, and on a Facebook group chat somewhere, the name changed. No longer were we an Appreciation Society (of butts no less, since all our names work with butt themed names: Ambutt, Klarse Cheeks and a few others) but *thunder clap* we became the Depreciation Society. Klara and I met approximately forever ago, but the Depreciation Society was formed as part of a bigger group chat, but as people come and go, and screw each other over, we ended up being the only ones, as always, to not leave the group in a furious rage. Our little squad became even smaller until it was Klara and I, back to sharing a love for chicken nuggets, setting the world to rights and memes.

See what I mean! ^

So, our blog has finally been set up, after so many weeks of talking about it! A bout of tonsillitis seemed to be the perfect time to spend a day on web design, post ideas, name ideas and setting it all up, until finally we have reached this point. Even though we'll have lessons and exams and stuff like that this year, the good thing is that there are 2 of us, so hopefully uploads won't be too sparse. Our styles should hopefully blend really well, and there's kind of a vibe to suit everyone. Check out our profile posts by clicking our name if you'd like to find out more about us or our personalities and the type of posts you should expect!

Amber and Klar