Making The Most of a Small Room

Ever since I moved house, I have absolutely hated my bedroom. It might seem like a stupid thing, after all some people don't even have bedrooms and there I was complaining, but I couldn't see the wood for the trees, and I had downsized a fair amount from my last house. It seemed unfair, especially considering my parents sold the idea that we were all downsizing, then proceeded to double the footprint of their bedroom which they spent a fraction of their time in, compared to me who has to keep everything in there and spends a lot more time in that environment.

I think the worst part of it for me was on moving day, when none of my furniture seemed to fit. My double bed was sold, along with a shelf tower, a chair and a rug, and this really seemed to reinforce my viewpoint that I was now living out of a shoebox. Added to this was the wall colour, which can only be described as brown, and the radiator which was tiny and cold, which I felt was because the room was too small to contain a regular sized one.

Tip One: Declutter your mind and your belongings.

So the first thing to do is to sort your mindset out. Is your room really that bad, or will it look nice after a coat of paint and some sorting out? Then throw anything out that you really won't use. I find this really hard, as I tend to be a person that clings onto things 'just in case', but ask yourself the following questions:

a) Have I used (X) in the past 6-12 months?
b) Am I likely to use (X) in the next 6-12 months?

If the answer to these is no, you probably should consider whether you really want or need it. That being said, I keep ornaments and things, especially from my childhood, that are obviously keepsakes. But if you don't really want it, then consider eBay or donating to charity!

Also think about what you want out. Some of your things can probably be stored out of sight, which will make your room look less cluttered, so bigger. I utilise drawers under my bed to store books, as well as my hairdryer, and straighteners etc. You can also invest in desk tidies, or I also have a taller bedside cabinet with 4 small drawers that I keep all of the bits and bobs that you sometimes don't know what to do with, such as nail varnishes, lip balms and spare batteries.

Tip Two: Tricks for space saving deception

To save space, if you really are determined to open up a room and you're not quite prepared enough to start knocking walls through, you could get some space saving furniture, for example a bed with a sofa or desk underneath. These obviously save space as they have the footprint of only one piece of furniture.

If you don't want to fork out for new furniture, how about some paint? When I moved into the room I'm currently in, at first it was a sort of inside of a mushroom/puke brown, which not only was gross, but also made my room look dingy and small. Now, I have a light and airy pale cream, with an accent wall of blue, and all four walls are satin paint. This is ever so slightly light reflecting, but also I absolutely hate the feel of matte walls.

Something that I changed very recently was that I removed two of my highest shelves that were attached to the wall. I never liked them anyway, and I thought that they were two high up. After one night where I randomly found a screwdriver and did spontaneous DIY, I realised that I had been right, and that having them so high made it look like the ceiling was encroaching into the room. So just consider the placement of things in your room, especially on the walls.

Tip Three: Keep your decorations not too huge

Okay so this one is pretty simple: if you have something absolutely massive and very boldly patterned filling up an entire wall, it's going to make it look smaller. A smaller photo, painting or print on a wall will show off some space around it, making your room more spacious.

I will probably upload a tutorial on some of the decorations I have in my room, notably my polaroids, and my decorated and illuminated A, in the coming weeks, but right in the centre of the largest wall, opposite the window I have this adorable penguin photo, which is colourful but not filling up the whole room, so I have space to put black and white Polaroid strings around it. So that's proof that you can in fact have things on your wall, just think about how it will go with your room, especially if you are trying to make it look bigger.

A mirror is also always a good addition, it both reflects light and is deceptive about the space you have in room. Also, if you have a nice big window on one of your walls, play that up and try not to completely surround it, because then there'll be the appearance of a more panoramic view.

Those are all the tips I thought I'd share with you guys, I hope you enjoy!