Monthly Playlist // September 2016

I always feel like in September there's a sort of lull in music. It's after the summer, so there aren't usually any summer tunes to come out, sometimes just an album to follow a great single. However, even I have been able to put together a great playlist for this month!

So if you haven't already made a Spotify account, I would recommend you doing so as for me, it's the fastest way that I use to find new or unexplored music. You can either listen to this playlist embedded here or click through to my playlist in the app or on desktop by clicking the green Spotify logo below.

This month's playlist mainly features new material, although I rekindled my love for James Bay. When I first thought of this month's playlist, I wanted to make a more chilled back to school vibe, but then a few songs really lent themselves to a more upbeat playlist, so I feel like there's a mixture.

So, a few highlights. The new Sia song I have really loved so far, and I feel like she's been really climbing from strength to strength really in terms of how good I thought her last single was (which I can't remember the name of for the life of me!) Edit: Cheap Thrills!

I feel like Carly Rae Jepsen has just reached the point where all of her music pisses me off. Luckily I did like at least one of her songs from her album: First Time, which is less annoying tinny synth-pop because there's at least some chill between annoying choruses :).

Major standout would be Noir by Maejor and I'm super excited to hear new stuff from The Fray!