Mood Playlists

Hi guys, so a couple years ago Amber and I made playlists of sad music that we would listen to when we were feeling down and last week a friend of mine messaged me to tell me my playlist was really helping him through a difficult time so I thought I'd make a post on playlists for different situations.

For starters we have the 'sad songs' playlist. These are great for when you're feeling a bit down, or just want to wallow for a bit. I particularly like this playlist at the moment because I have just gone back to school, and as we all know, the end of summer is a depressing time ;)


I have also made a playlist called 'all time faves'. I have approximately 6 billion favourite songs so obviously they can't all be on this playlist at once and I will probably end up updating this regularly but it's a start. This list is great for those of you looking to discover new music or rediscover past favourites.

My third and final playlist for this post was going to be a Christmas playlist but I decided it's actually far too soon for that so instead I decided that I'd make a morning playlist for those days when you just need cheering up before you get going. Hope you guys enjoy! :)