Motivation for Cold Days

So I'm one of those people that gets super down in the winter. I hate getting out of bed when it's cold and everything is dark. Something about me is just weighted down, especially if it's raining and I have to walk somewhere, and I've just forgotten my umbrella...

However, unless I move to the Equator, I'm just going to have to live with the seasonality of Britain, so I have devised some tips, tricks, and other miscellaneous motivation to keep me going.
  • Pop the heating on an hour before you wake up
Infamous sleeping bag experience
This will make your house toasty warm, and make those cold early mornings seem less disgusting to have to get up for. It's the worst thing for me to have to get up to a freezing house, and one time on a cadet camp I got up and got ready inside a sleeping bag :).

What good is the warmth of the summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?

  • Indulge yourself in some Autumnal/Christmassy wonderful-ness

Go for it. Have that PSL (I personally am more about the gingerbread or cinnamon latte) or a mince pie, mulled wine or crawl into somewhere warm, sit by a fire and drink a hot chocolate.  

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth: it is the time for home. 
  • Try to get outside

It is my goal every year to go to the arboretum in Autumn to take photos and just be surrounded by the amazing colours, and in recent years it's always been put off until there have been weeks of rain and there's no point going. But, try to get out and about, especially for the gorgeous Christmas markets that are on around December.

Welcome winter: your late dawns and chilled breath make me lazy, but I love you nonetheless.
  • Get all snuggled up and hibernate till spring

Do all of those cliche things! Get a warm blanket, wear fluffy socks and cuddle up on the sofa. Partner or pet optional but highly recommended!

  • Make evening plans

Aside from Bonfire Night, which is gorgeous in its own right, make some plans for the evening. This may seem counter intuitive, but I find that food in the winter in restaurants is always so comforting, like this meal I had in Jamie's Italian (the focaccia is to die for!). Or have a night in with some of your friends, because everyone knows how hectic it gets around Christmas and you may not get so much time to see them.

Every mile is two in winter.
  • If all else fails, book a ticket to the sun!
Not the literal sun, obviously, but a hot destination if you're itching to wear something other than a coat, boots and a scarf. Plus, in January or February there are different places that are having their hot season, so you may discover somewhere that you wouldn't usually go to in July.



  1. These are really useful tips! :) Hope you can check out my latest post as well if you have time x
    Keep up the amazing job!

    1. Aw thank you! Your poem was super cute