Amber and Klar Review: The 1975 with The Philharmonic Orchestra

Amber writes in regular type, Klara writes in this type

A: Matty Healy now looks a little bit like Sideshow Bob. But when there is a performance as bloody good as the 1st October special with the Philharmonic Orchestra, you can forgive any hair look. I think what is interesting, especially with the current type of music that is 'popular', that a band can be substantial and popular, that you don't have to water down your art or creativity.

K: Not loving Matty's hair but I find the glasses oddly attractive. This is a beautiful concert and I adore this band, but I thought the Philharmonic Orchestra made them even better if that was even possible. 

A: The two songs I would have liked to have seen were Menswear and UGH! -Menswear because it's such an amazing instrumental intro, and UGH! because yanno, funky.

K: I was a little disappointed that they didn't play Robbers or She's American as they're my favourites but I guess they have limited time.

I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It (Live Debut)

K: This song is so lovely, it makes me feel all happy inside. I felt that the Philharmonic Orchestra gave this song an edge that it doesn't normally have and I loved it infinite amounts. I didn't think I'd like this song live as it's such an intimate tune but I was pleasantly surprised.

A: This is one of my less frequently listened to tracks from the album, but I thought it was a fitting opener, and it had so much depth. What did really annoy me were the people cheering through the Philharmonic Orchestral section that would have been so lovely, but they did eventually settle down.

Love Me

(crappy quality)
K: This song is very different to the 1975's other music, but I like it a lot. I have to say that I like the original version better than this, though, particularly live as I find it's normally more fun and bouncy. Still a nice upbeat track, though :)

A: Jazz is one thing that I hope to explore a little more, and like Klara said, it was a little more muted than the original, which gave it a jazzier sound. Loved the trumpets, plus I live for Matty dancing!

A Change of Heart

K: I love love love this song. It's so heartbreakingly relatable and the Philharmonic Orchestra are so complimentary to it. I feel you lose some of the wonderful intimacy of this track when it's performed live though which is upsetting.

A: I do like this song, but I feel like it didn't translate as well with an orchestra behind. It did have its moments where it swelled and was incredible, but I, like Klar, do find it more haunting turned up with headphones in, for each person to enjoy. However, both the 1975 and the orchestra were insane.

Somebody Else

K: This was the best live version I've ever heard of this song. It reminds me of a bad time in my life so I find it difficult to listen to, though.

A: AMAZING. LOVED LOVED LOVED. Weird thing: the camera angle onto the poor woman playing the French Horn. Wonderful thing: the trumpets at the end of the second verse. It started out good but really grew, in part due to the amazing Philharmonic Orchestra.

Loving Someone

K: I love the lyrics to this song but I'm not a big fan of rap so this is not my favourite of the 1975's songs and I felt that Matty's voice was a little lost in all of the instruments the Philharmonic Orchestra had added. That being said, however, the audience participation showed how great the atmosphere created by this song was and that's really the most important part of a live show.

A: Unlike Klar, I do like rap. However, I didn't like the intro, as it just seemed really... idk peppy, the spoken word part was screamed over (but hey it's a gig, what do you expect), but the rest was great, and clearly it was an experience that the audience loved.

Sorry (Justin Bieber cover)

K: I love the original of this and this version was even better. 10/10 would recommend.

A: Yes, YES, Y E S,  I saw this in the Live Lounge whenever it was a few months ago and thought it was decent but not incredible, but this truly was. I loved the rework of it, and I thought it suited Matty's voice, the band and the orchestra.

What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction cover)

K: I've heard the 1975 cover this song before and wasn't too keen, so I was presently surprised this time. I loved this version, the combination of the Philharmonic Orchestra and Matty's voice was beautiful. I still preferred the original of this song, though, as I'm a 12 year old at heart.

A: Didn't really like this one that much, and I would have much preferred another song by them (MENSWEAR PLS) or indeed a different cover, I just didn't think it suited them.

Please Be Naked (Live debut)

K: I had high hopes for the Philharmonic Orchestra's version of this and they did not let me down. This is such a gorgeous piece of artwork and this version was even better than the original. I was so moved by its beauty that I nearly cried. Also Please Be Naked may be THE best song title ever.

A: I think that as an instrumental song, this really showed off the talent of the Philharmonic Orchestra, and the addition of a classical orchestra really gave this song more depth and body than the original. Also loved seeing the band looking so focused on creating such a beautiful song.

Lostmyhead (Live Debut)

K: There's a quiet desperation in this song that I relate to so much. This version emphasises that and I really enjoyed it. The use of the Philharmonic Orchestra was more subtle than in Loving Someone too, so Matty wasn't lost this time.

A: Lostmyhead is one of my favourite songs on the album, and although I love it, I think that the Symphony version was one of the most disappointing reworks, as it was kind of the same. I think I would have liked to have seen more of a play around with how the orchestra enriched the sound. Or maybe it wasn't the best song choice, which takes a lot, coming from me, as I adore this song.

If I Believe You

K: The pain behind this song is genuine and tangible and it breaks my heart every time I hear it. Matty crying at the end showed it so extremely. Again this is not a song that I enjoy as much live, due to the intimacy of it and I found that the Philharmonic Orchestra, sadly, made this song more upbeat than usual and I think the sentiment was lost a little because of it. 

A: I liked the use of the violinist during the intro of this song, and I thought Matty was on fine form with vocals. This song is always so raw, especially live where the rawness rings through the vocals. I think violins were a beautiful addition, but the extra vocals and panpipes (?) made it a bit too gospel. I understand this is the theme with the original, but I prefer the latter because that theme is a bit more understated.


K: I have heard this song live so many times and am always overwhelmed by the audience's reaction to it. It always disappoints me a little because although I love this song it is by far not the best song the 1975 have written, and I thought this version was not the best either.

A: It was obviously going to have an IMMENSE reaction from the fans; I thought it was nice, and I'm glad they had it as the penultimate song, as it hyped the audience suitably for the finale, but would have made the atmosphere a bit too raucous earlier on.

The Sound

K: This song is great, it always puts me in a good mood and I thought it was a wonderful way to end the show. This version of it was fantastic too, so lively and cheerful. The audience's reaction showed how enjoyable it was as well,  just amazing.

A: I thought this was an excellent choice to end the show, and I loved the combination of guitar and trumpets. It finished the show on a lovely upbeat note and you could see from the people dancing how everyone enjoyed themselves!