Amber and Klar Review: October Birchbox

This month, Klar and I received different versions of the Birchbox based on our Zodiac sign: I got the Air Box, and Klara received the Fire version, although they contained pretty much the same products.

In Klara's Fire Box:

Rosewood Reviving Mist 
K: The face mist thing smells lovely and feels refreshing but I'm not sure I'd actually spend money on it as it didn't have a huge effect.

Aromatherapy Associates' Revive Body Gel
K:The body gel feels incredibly soothing but I'm not sure whether it actually relaxed my muscles or whether it was a placebo effect, I liked it though


Manefit's Honey Nutrition and Vitalizing Sheet Mask
K: The face mask smelled good and was easy to apply. My face felt refreshed and hydrated immediately after use but the next day I had loads of breakouts which I'm not prone to.

In Amber's Air Box:
Rituals' Magic Touch Body Cream
A: I hate hate hate the smell of it because I think it smells like cheap air freshener or soap or something. However, it's very moisturising and I'd like to see if there were others that smell nicer in the range.

Whish Renewing Mud Mask

A: I thought this was nice but not the most exfoliating of face masks. It did leave my face nice and shiny, and I broke out the next day, which I sometimes do after masks.

Doux Me Pure Spring Water Spray
A: I get facial water sprays. I have a couple: mostly for anti-pollution purposes, but this is literally just water. Evian brought one out too earlier this year, but to be honest, it would be far cheaper to get a spray bottle and some spring water myself. Next they'll be trying to charge me for pure air to put on my face. And you must keep this upright, or it leaks.

In Both Boxes:

Birchbox Eyelash Separator and Brow Brush
K:The eyebrow brush is not very effective and most pencils come with one built in so this was disappointing for me.

A: I actually had to put the brush together when it arrived as it had been pulled out slightly. The brow brush is awful and I much prefer spoolies, but the lash comb is okay I guess.

No. 4 Hair Restore and Repair Oil
K: The hair oil smells lush but my hair is far too temperamental for it so it became greasy after I used it which was not nice.
A: I actually liked this product. Sometimes after a deep condition the previous wash, I use hair oils anyway instead of a conditioner, and I love the scent. I think it was fairly nourishing, but hair oils are supposed to be kept in dark containers, and I prefer the John Frieda oil.

Lord & Berry Maxi Matte Crayon Lipstick
K: The lip pencil is a gorgeous colour and easy to apply but if your lips are even slightly chapped it makes them look flaky and gross.
A: I actually love this colour, and have a couple of other products by Lord & Berry, including a lip liner. This has gorgeous pigmentation too.