Book Review: I'll Give You The Sun

This is actually a book I read a while ago but it is to this day my all time favourite book and I would like every single person on this planet to read it. 'I'll Give You The Sun' by Jandy Nelson is a hauntingly beautiful story of love, loss, heartbreak and family. The story is told from the point of view of twins in alternating chapters, beginning with Noah at the age of 13 and then switching to Jude three years later. Noah's story explores sexuality and finding yourself and the struggle of not fitting in whereas Jude's story explores healing and guilt and the importance of forgiving yourself. There is an artistic theme throughout and the characters are wonderfully relatable and amazingly whacky and I fell in love with them from the very beginning. This book made me laugh and cry and hurt and heal in a way that's extraordinarily rare.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way, and I have received no monetary benefit or free products from Jandy Nelson as a result of this.



  1. This book makes me cry every time :( totally get where you're coming from

    1. Me too! I've read it so often and it gets me every time.