Formal Social Events Suck

Twice a year my college runs a Sixth Form Dinner where we dress up in nice clothes, drink champagne and eat a fancy meal. Much as this is a (usually) enjoyable occasion, there are some parts that I hate every time so I thought I would write about them.

  1. Deciding what to wear. This is always an absolute nightmare. There are so many dresses and they cost so much money and it's NEVER acceptable to wear the same thing twice and it's just a stressful experience for everyone involved.
  2. Champagne. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a glass of bubbly with my family from time to time. But, as someone who is a massive lightweight, the pressure of acting like my heels aren't just a little more difficult to balance on than before the 3 glasses of fizz I just downed is not enjoyable.
  3. Shoes. I literally wear nothing but crocs and converses, but for formal that's apparently 'inappropriate' so I have to totter around in stilettos.
  4. Makeup. If I am feeling girly I can enjoy this, but contouring and false lashes are not my friend after a long day and I don't appreciate having to wear them.
  5. Starters. I eat embarrassingly little anyway without adding MORE food to my dinner.
  6. People take them wayyyyyy too seriously. In this case especially, it's essentially a fancy school meal. Calm down.
  7. Small talk. I don't care how you are. I know we had awful weather today, I was there. I know my dress is pretty, that's why I bought it.
  8. Hair styling. I'm useless at it, so I usually make one of my friend's do it for me, but it's just a source of unnecessary stress if you ask me.
  9. Late nights. I probably sound like a grandma on this one but I don't care, I love sleeping.
  10. Drunk people. Dealing with drunks when you're sober is not ideal, and I never drink much in situations like this so I always end up looking after them. Not ideal.
That being said though, they're not all bad so I'll probably do a post soon about how much fun formal events can be. :)