How To Work Out If You Are A Die-Hard Harry Potter Fan

So, We are in Autumn now and it's slowly getting towards the cold weather that we all know and love. One thing that I love to do when the temperatures drop is to watch films, and a family classic has to be Harry Potter. In actual fact, it's quite sad how much my family enjoy it and with memories of my mum crying because Dobby has died (spoiler alert) or my sister drinking out of her Mauraders' Map mug, there are never any dull moments when Harry's on the screen. Over time I've thought to myself: are my family really die-hard fans? Usually I'm not thinking for too long: the answer will always be yes. I mainly come to this conclusion when they begin to refer to themselves as Muggles. I know right: sad.

You may now be wondering to yourselves: am I a die-hard Harry Potter fan? Luckily I'm on hand to help. If any of the points below apply to you, then you probably are.

No 1: Emotions. An easy way to figure out if you are in way too deep with Harry himself (euphemism not intended). You will have created an actual bond with each of the, dare I say, 'fictional' characters. You'll find yourself getting genuinely angry when Professor Snape picks out Harry from the crowd or you might even find that you breakdown when Buckbeak is executed. Then again, if you don't get upset when Buckbeak dies, you probably need to ask yourself if you really have any emotions at all.

No 2: This one is a given, but it's also an easy way to work out how attached you really are to the series of films. The basics of this point are; you'll go to watch the first film, and without even realising, you've managed to watch all eight films, put on about 10 stone due to the never-ending amounts of popcorn and even go without sleep during your marathon. I guess at least you can say you intended to only watch one film, but it's time to stop lying to yourself, can you really only watch one film at a time? The simple answer is no, a die-hard fan will struggle to watch one at a time, it's just not a possibility when you are obsessed.

No 3: This is maybe my favourite point as it really sorts out who is and isn't a die hard fan. So, you remember the theme song of Harry Potter, you know, the one that plays when he first goes to Hogwarts. Well, the easy way to work out if you do remember it is that if you do, you'll already be humming along to the tune as you read this. From the moment I mentioned it, all you die-hard fans out there just couldn't help yourselves, could you? Don't be embarrassed, I'll happily admit I've been humming along since the moment I started writing.

No 4: Now, this will not apply to everyone but some of you out there will have definitely done this. Simply, a true fan has read all the books. It's a well-known fact that the books came first and to be perfectly honest if you haven't read them, you can't consider yourself a die-hard fan.

No 5: Finally, the last step of being able to tell if you are a die-hard fan is very important. To be a true fan, you MUST have at least one piece of Harry Potter certified merchandise. You can't help yourself but buy that novelty chocolate frog. I surely can't be the only person that had to test to see if Bertie Botts every flavour beans really did give you the sounds of an animal. FYI I'll always believe it wasn't just me doing an impression of a dog, it was the beans.