Amber Rants: Last Time I Checked, Ex-Step Dads Have NO Jurisdiction

Today I am just going to go on another rant, because I am up to my eyeballs, and it's better this than like crying all evening. This one just happens to be about the favourite hot topic of ranting lately: my ex-step dad. Is this even a thing or can I just call him a twat by now?

*sips tea*

Anyway. I want to go to a different college next year, or I am at least looking into the idea of it, so I have all of the options. Apparently, my beloved ex-step-dad (bloody hell) is mad because I didn't consult him first.


Hello? Last time I checked, ex-step dads have no jurisdiction on my life choices in over a year's time. To be perfectly honest, it should be my choice all the way, unless I was asking for a few grand from him personally to cover the fees, but let's not be picky about the technicalities. The current situation means that I have to endure this for several more weeks, but the absolute ridiculousness is setting in. How can he still not realise that he won't be in my future, after all of his abusive behaviour (and yes I don't throw that word around lightly, read my blog post linked below and make your own mind up)?

  1. Who gave you the right to choose my future anyway, at any point?
  2. Who gave you the right to have any influence over me anymore, when you are SEPARATED from my family, and no biological/emotional relation anymore?
  3. Who even gave you the idea that I might care/want to listen to what you have to say, after all that you've done (read here for more)?
  4. Why are you still trying to manipulate me/us, even though you know I see through your charade?

However, this isn't where the examples end. I wind up just wanting to scream as I'm told I must run every life choice through someone I am not going to see ever again (I hope lol unless he's as creepy as he makes out).

It's not that I am some closed minded person, unwilling to listen to anything. I announced over dinner my intentions to explore all options, and nothing was said to me. Once again my poor mum was placed right in the middle, and the jibes and disapproval were all aimed at her. What is she supposed to do? If he came to me, or even voiced his opinion/concern or whatever, I would have given it the respect to listen. But the truth is, be underhand and controlling, and I won't listen And, crucially, I will neither listen, nor care for your viewpoint.



  1. He sounds like an absolute nob

    1. Oh really... the thought never occurred to me! Haha no but seriously it's been a nightmare, if you haven't read my other post, take a look. Thank you for commenting! :)