Amber Rants: My ASOS Experience


Today I'm going to go through a recent experience I have had with ASOS. In case you don't know, they're an online retail company that specialise in fashion. Once you've made an account and placed 2 orders, you're also enrolled in a points based scheme called the ASOS A-List. You can level up based on the amount you spend (I'm actually due to go up another level, I'm just waiting for my points to clear.)

The problem

  • You get a certain amount of free next day delivery codes as a perk of the A-List
  • These were sent to my junk email, and Gmail deletes junk after 30 days
  • There is no button to click to resend these codes, so I got in touch with their customer service
I spoke to Elizabeth, Jamie, Bernadette, Wasim, Amy and Thomas before my problem was dealt with. All of them seemed nice, but really, I don't want to need to get to know the whole of ASOS' customer service team. 

The first email promised, from the bottom of ASOS' heart, that a 'specialist team' would be on the case and I'd have another reply within 48 hours. 

Then I had the exact same email 50 hours later when I emailed asking where my codes were, promising that their 'specialist team' would do it within another 48 hours. 

And another one 52 hours later...

Wasim was my fave though <3. He promised me that within 48 hours the 'relevant team' would work with him and he'd be back. Sadly he never got back to me :( but I did complete the survey he asked me to do (customer service was not rated well).

By the time Amy emailed me, she'd got confused and thought that I wasn't talking about delivery codes but a completely different thing. By this point, I wanted to give up but was so angry that I decided I WOULD get my codes, no matter what. 

I also had decided to write a salty tweet, complaining about the constant putting-me-off with 48 hour deadlines. This was then picked up by the ASOS customer care twitter team, who asked me to DM them with all my details, which I did. Then they started looking into it, before telling me I should only contact them through one channel. Considering in my original tweet I had attached emails and I didn't know this one channel business, why couldn't they have just told me that straight away?!

Questions I will never know the answer to:

Why does it take a specialist team?
WHy does it take so long?
WHY couldn't I have my bloody codesssssss for so long, or why couldn't they generate some more?