My Month in 5 Photos

I was inspired to do this post a while ago and I can't remember where from, but now that we are at the end of month and I have gathered 5 pictures that represent what I did this month.

Obviously I could not do a post about October without mentioning Amber's birthday. Amber's family invited us out for dinner at Jamie's Italian (which by the way has THE nicest bathroom ever) which was really lovely of them. We also went shopping in Birmingham beforehand which was lovely, despite being harassed by disgusting young men who thought they were funny. 

As we are approaching a time when we need to start making our uni applications, my boyfriend and I have been attending open days. This month we went to Swansea for the day, and after looking around the uni we went for a walk on the beach which was really nice and empty at this time of year.

Since it was the end of half term my friends and I went on a road trip to go and get milkshakes from the OK diner. (I highly recommend Blue Bubblegum, it was delicious. Also the garlic bread with bacon and cheese).

This meme is my favourite thing ever and I discovered it this month. It makes me happy every single time I see it!

This kitten came into school and I fell in love. I spent all day playing with it, I loved loved loved it. I actually cried a little when I had to say goodbye. It was gorgeous.