Netflix 'Designated Survivor' Review

This is one of the new Netflix series to appear on our screens this month, and I have to say I am loving it. I thought it was a Netflix Original Series, but apparently it's just distributed by them, which explains the logo...... idk. 

Episodes come out one at a time, an unfamiliar concept in the world of Netflix, where a whole series will appear in one go, and although there have currently only been three episodes, it's something that I look forward to every Thursday.

Audience Rating: 12, which I think is fine, although young teens may be more unfamiliar with some of the concepts. I think it's geared more towards adults.
Watch if you like: House of Cards, other political, action stuff
Episodes: 4 (so far) x 40 mins
Lowlights: The first episode was full of cliches, which was annoying. Just stupid lines, such as 'you need to be stronger than you've ever been' and 'we're going to do this my way'.
Highlights: It's genuinely gripping. I love politics, so a political drama was always going to interest me, but it's interesting how it looks at the whole family too, as well as FBI agents, security, speech writers etc.
Rating: 8/10

This tv show is about a man who during the State of the Union, is the designated survivor: in other words, if there's an attack on the politicians, he will be the survivor and president. This does indeed happen, and follows both him and his family, as well as the FBI agents trying to solve the crime, and a rogue state who refuses to answer to his unelected leadership. It's exciting and vibrant and I do love it.