Netflix's 'Easy' Review

So. Much. Representation.

Ethnic minorities
Gender norms
Unplanned pregnancy
Open relationships
A whole episode in Spanish


Audience Rating: 15, but I would rate it as an 18
Episodes: 8 x 30 mins
Genre: Apparently a comedy....nah I don't think so. Definitely a drama.
Lowlights: I found the first and third episodes to be quite shallow - push through the first, as I think it's not the highlight of the series, and it does pick up. Sometimes it does border on cliche: one couple exploring gender normative roles after the man is a stay at home dad, and the mum is the 'breadwinner' of the family.
Highlights: I find it captivating, some of the stories, as they are so refreshingly normal. Acting is first class, and the highlights of the series are 'Vegan Cinderella' and 'Controlada'.
Rating: 8/10

This series of mostly improvised shorts on the surface can seem shallow. In the first episode, I wondered if it would be a series made up entirely of sex, but what shines through the rawness of  is that this is not tokenism. The representation we see can feel overwhelming, but it's important to consider that this is in part due to the fact that film and tv are so unrepresentative of the world. So maybe this show is just a little more telling of actual real life.

Each episode is presented as a stand alone, with casual links, such as the second episode featuring the babysitter of the couple in the first. However, as the series continues, characters weave into others' storylines, and Dave Franco starts lingering like an annoying bad smell, with almost two episodes dedicated to him. Most of it is improvised too, with just ideas presented to the cast, which is so star-studded that it's almost phenomenal. PS Orlando Bloom is v hot :)