The Best Kylie Lipkit Dupes?

As someone in the UK, there is not much that currently annoys me more than the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. Not because they don't look INSANE, because they do, and matte lips are my jam. But what annoys me is the absolutely extortionate price that we are forced to pay if we want to go through the legit channels. My friend decided to buy a Kylie lipkit, and although the exchange rate is favourable from GBP to USD, the charges are ridiculous. For ONE matte lipstick, not even the full kit with liner, it will set you back £24.65. Then it turns out there's this small thing called a customs charge, and the shipping costs, so now you are spending near enough £50 for one liquid lipstick. Wonderful.

So, the challenge is to find a lipstick that is suitably matte, pigmented and hopefully not as expensive. I think that one of the things that's really nice about the Kylie lipsticks is the broad range of colours that she stocks. I really love the broad range, and I've been looking for a dupe for Freedom because I think navy blue will be so interesting.

I think I have found a couple of brands that fit the bill nicely. One I think is an amazing dupe for the formula, pigmentation and lasting power, and the other is one that sells the vast range of experimental colours that the Kylie lip kits do, such as blue, green and gold. My favourite is the Sleek range of Matte Me Lipsticks (for shade choices, I would recommend the NYX lipsticks). They retail for just £4.99, which is such a bargain, and they don't test on animals.

One of my favourite things is that the Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks are similar but not too similar to the Kylie colours, so they can really shine on their own.

The nude colour here is Birthday Suit, which I think is probably most similar to Candy K, which is the dusty rose colour from the collection. At first, I did experience a problem with this brush, only for this colour, but after emailing the brand, they sent a replacement.

The next colour in the collection is Bittersweet and it is, despite looking a lot lighter in the tube, the colours come out darker and very pigmented on the skin, so if you're the type to go over your lips with foundation, it may look like the colour from the tube. I think it's a darker Koko K.

The third shade you see here is Shabby Chic, which is probably my favourite. It's probably most similar to the Posie K shade from Kylie Cosmetics, but with more of a mauve tone. I'm quite pale, so this does look medium in darkness on my face, but on darker skin tones it looks gorgeous too.

The colour here is Velvet Slipper. This is probably my least favourite of the collection, because although it's a nice shade, it can appear a bit patchy sometimes. I think it's like a more rich Kourt K.

The final shade is this gorgeous red, called Old Hollywood. It can look very very dark, so sometimes you need a lighter touch, or prime your lips if you don't want it to appear a reddish black. I love this colour though, although not for every day. I don't really know a Kylie lip kit it would correspond to, but it's gorgeous nonetheless.

Disclaimer: Neither Kylie Cosmetics, Sleek, nor NYX sponsored this post, and all lipsticks were bought by the author.