Top Tips If Your Partner Is Obsessed With Hamilton

Recently it has occurred to me that my girlfriend has an addiction. She is obsessed with the musical Hamilton. For example, Alexander Hamilton was born in St.Kitts and Nevis, and how do I know this? Yes, you guessed it, it's just one of the hundreds of facts I now know about the American musical (oh look, another fact). This post is basically just a help sheet on how to deal with your partner if they too share the addiction.

Tip 1: Don't fool yourself into thinking you won't learn the songs. You'll eventually learn that each day you will hear at least 5 Hamilton tracks. Don't try to fight it, embrace it and you might end up enjoying it, and if you don't, I'm sure your partner will appreciate it.

Tip 2: Never ask why they are listening to the same song on repeat. It's an obsession for them, you should know this by now. You will be met with the response, 'asking stupid questions will get you nowhere'. Also, don't make them feel like they are weird for listening to the same song more than once, this could get you in heaps of trouble.

Tip 3: This could possibly be the most important tip, and that is to feed the addiction. Your partner wants nothing more than to listen to Hamilton for every second they are awake. If you encourage it, odds on you will begin to stack yourself up some pretty big brownie points.

Tip 4: Take in every single random fact you are given about Hamilton. Little do you know, your partner is going to quiz you on everything you've been told. One wrong answer and death will pounce upon you in the form of the significant other that you know all too well.

Tip 5: On a final but very serious note, one thing you know is that they are obsessed with Hamilton. The best thing by far that you can do is to take them to see the Musical. Not only are you meeting each and every tip above, but your partner will possibly thank you forever, and you can then thank me, for giving you the best advice on how to treat this crazy addiction.

Bonus tip: A final piece of advice to you all, by all means, NEVER disagree that Lin-Manuel Miranda is an angel. If you do, saying goodbye to your relationship is probably the only viable option left.



  1. YES my girlfriend is so obsessed with hamilton and we went to go see one of the broadway shows and ever since then it's like the floodgates have opened I even find myself humming along now.....