Why iOS 10 Sucks

I am very upset by the latest iPhone update (and after speaking to my friends realised I'm not the only one) so decided to do a rant/list blog post. There are not ACTUALLY that many changes so this post will be reasonably short, but the changes there have been have riled me up.

  1. You no longer slide to unlock. This may not seem like a big deal but I was used to sliding to unlock. It was comfortable and familiar. I miss it.
  2. The technology is too advanced for my laptop, so I can no longer connect them up. I realise this is not an issue for everyone but it's really annoying.
  3. Notifications are really difficult to click on and it's exceptionally irritating for me because I have no pride and reply to messages as soon as they pop up on my screen.
  4. iMessage keeps having fits and not working properly. I don't know if this is a common problem but I'm not the only one experiencing this.
  5. STUPID APPS I CAN'T DELETE TAKING UP STORAGE!!!! I can't stress enough how angry this makes me.
  6. The camera features have moved around the app and it's weird.
  7. I'm sorry, but how many people have houses advanced enough to actually use the 'home' app?
  8. The calendar showing my upcoming events nearly ruined a surprise party for my friend. I realise this is an uncommon event, but still.