10 Reasons to be Happy

As someone who is sad a lot I have to find ways to cheer myself up so these 10 things always help.

  1. Chocolate. Need I explain? I think there's actual science that proves chocolate makes you happy but even if there isn't it's delicious.
  2. Tea. Hot beverages in general to be honest. They imitate human warmth and make you less lonely apparently.
  3. Cuddles. Always always always cuddles. Or other forms of affection, especially from someone you love.
  4. Hobbies. Something to take your mind off what's bothering you.
  5. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Other feel good movies will do but this one is the best (in my opinion).
  6. Cats. They're so cute!!!! Also puppies.
  7. Fluffy socks. And fluffy blankets and fluffy jumpers and anything else that will keep you warm in the winter.
  8. A good book.
  9. My brother. He's so funny and always makes me laugh, everyone needs a friend or family member like him.
  10. Chicken nuggets!!!!!!!!