10 Things I Hate That Come With Being Ill

  1. Taking tablets. Not as in I can't take them, because I can, but I'm currently on a course of 8 tablets per day. I have to schedule meal times around it, and even when I wake up or go to bed so that I'm able to take the 4 doses.
  2. FOMO. I have the worst fear of missing out anyway, but when I can't go out and do things it makes me sad :(
  3. Temperature control. I hate having fevers, but recently I've just felt really cold. It's bad enough when it's winter, but being ill too makes it even worse. Sometimes even snuggling up in a blanket isn't enough, and the other day I felt cold in the bath which was really weird.
  4. People who don't understand. This is especially common when it's been more than a short illness, and some of the most annoying people are the ones who simply don't understand. They either think you're not ill, that you should be able to do things you can't or that you're 'not trying hard enough'.
  5. Skin. My skin is always disgusting when I'm sick. I haven't been wearing makeup (apart from a couple of days) for the last 6 or 7 weeks, and you'd have thought that would make my skin, gorgeous, reinvigorated and clear. NOPE. It's awful.
  6. Hair. Ditto: gets greasy very quickly.
  7. Fatigue. There's only so much sleeping you can do in a day.
  8. Being lonely. I have been ill for so long (70 days today wooooo!!) that I miss all of my friends, but at the same time I'm too tired/ill to almost be bothered to talk to them. I'm also turning a bit clingy, which was gr8 (not) but one of my friends literally hasn't spoken to me since Friday and it upsets me more because I'm feeling a bit low.
  9. Weight changes. I find putting on and losing weight quite easy anyway, but there's nothing more disheartening than when you're not doing anything, and you can just tell you've put on a few pounds.
  10. Boredom. Netflix is my favourite thing, but even that gets boring after weeks of watching telly.