Amber and Klar Review: Friendship

This post is a little bit different. Recently featured on People, there was a quiz type of thing that we asked each other, and tried to guess what the other would say. Here are our answers!

[Klara writes in this font, Amber in this, and each of our answers features the other's opinion on what we said!]

1. What are they most afraid of?

A: Hmm I'm going to go with spiders, I'm pretty sure she absolutely hates them.
-Yes definitely spiders! Or maybe heights those are terrifying too.

K: I'm not sure what Amber would say to answer this question, but I think her biggest fear is probably her mum being unhappy, as she cares a lot about her and I think she feels very responsible for her. 
-So true, I've taken her under my wing, also heights. Ew

2. What's their biggest insecurity?

A: I'm pretty sure I know this one, and I'm gonna say her boobs. Not because I think there's anything wrong with them, but I think someone once took the piss out of them
-I used to be very insecure about my boobs because a few boys had been very nasty about them but not so much anymore. My biggest insecurity now would probably be that I'm annoying 😂.

K: Amber's biggest insecurity is probably the way that boys view her. She's very conscious about it. Or maybe her forehead? She thinks it's huge but it's not. 
-Forehead lmao yes.

3. What do you do that really, really annoys them?

A: Oh this is pretty easy, whenever I date a guy who is clearly a piece of shit, and refuse to believe anyone saying they're not ;)
-100% correct.

K: I'm really badly organised so I'm often late or cancel plans last minute which I know Amber hates so probably that 😂. 
-This is not just a one time event 😂 Klara and I rarely see each other because we are so busy so it's disappointing when she has to cancel just a couple of days before

4. What's best to cheer them up?

A: Nuggets or ice cream and a good 2000s film like Angus thongs and perfect snogging, or mamma Mia. But if you're not there, then an internet huggle.
-Yes all true.

K: Amber's a very affectionate person so she's easy to comfort, she likes compliments and cuddles. 

5. In a fire, what one possession would they take?

A: She'd definitely take her cat, Minna, who is the cutest patootie ever and very talkative
-Yesssss, she's my favourite!

K: Maybe her phone? I don't think Amber is particularly sentimental but she's quite attached to her phone (like I am tbh) and she could use it to call 999. 
-I sound so horrible but yeah probably 😂

6. If they lived to be 101, what would they look back on as their biggest achievement?

A: Biggest achievement- probably something crazy like eating the most chicken nuggets in a single seating, or owning the most cats maybe??
-I'd like to be married to someone I truly love and not get divorced. Finding someone to put up with me that long would be an achievement tbh.

K: Amber has so many goals, so this is tough. I think her biggest one would probably be to become a lawyer but I'm not sure. 
-If I was 101 I'd like to have become like a prime minister or something (I love politics) where I could make a real difference

7. What would be a friendship deal breaker for her?

A: Get drunk and spill all of her secrets to someone she fancies....?
-Not my favourite memory of ours 😂.

K: Sleep with her boyfriend? I think we have a pretty strong friendship, it would be difficult to ruin.
-That would (probably) do it, at least for a while, but I doubt we'd never speak ever again

8. What's their favourite memory of you two?

A: Klar's fave memory I think would probably be the first time we met up
with the lollies, because she incorporated it into my birthday present :)
-Definitely one of them but we have so many it's hard to choose!

K: There are so many! We've been friends for yearsssss! Maybe shopping in Birmingham? Or getting drunk together? Or dancing till our legs hurt when we were small? So many!!!
-Both of the last two were amazing :)

9. Do they believe in the afterlife?

A: I think Klara is probably the sort that thinks that something happens after death, but I don't think she's religious
-I'm a Christian officially but I don't believe it, I like to think that there is an afterlife though.

K: No, I don't think so. 
-I actually believe in reincarnation, or at least I'd like to believe it's real #funfact

10. Their most embarrassing moment?

A: I genuinely have no clue. Klara is an egg so there's probably been a million embarrassing incidents?! She'll have to answer this one herself, but it probably involves nudity, being drunk, falling off something or a large crowd of people watching.
-I'm not easily embarrassed, but occasionally I have one too many and tell people things I'd rather they didn't know.

K: Getting drunk, falling over and spraining her ankle maybe? I don't know very many embarrassing stories about Amber, going to have to do some research. 
-I had this same problem with Klara tbh, but yes this reminded me....that was a very embarrassing moment! But it was my foot ;)

11. What is their type for a partner?

A: Someone who is nice, but not too nice and has good taste in food (ie nuggets)
-Yeah although my boyfriend actually doesn't like nuggets :((

K: Boys who are overly romantic, it used to make me sick but my own boyfriend is a little bit gross like that so I can cope with it now. 
-Well not overly romantic, I just enjoy romance...give me a break, at least I'm not a hypocrite like you :)

12. Why did they end their last relationship (either romantic or platonic)?

A: (Romantic) well, she let them go because she found a good egg that she really liked. I experienced this fully from the 'he's taking me out for ice cream!!' to 'oh my god I actually like him what's wrong with me!'
-This is true, and my good egg and I are extremely happy together.

K: (Romantic) He didn't trust her and tried to get in the way of her friendships which isn't okay. 

13. Who are they closest to out of their family?

A: Linus, her little brother, and a bundle of joy ❤️
 -He's my all time favourite person!

K: Her mum definitely, although she's very close to her aunt too. 
-Truth, I also don't have siblings, so the obvious choice is my mum



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    1. Wow how original-- an anonymous hater who has nothing better to do than try and put other people down. Congrats!