Amber and Klar Review: November Birchbox

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Primer
K: The lip primer made my lipstick look very wishy washy and gave me really chapped lips, but it did hold well.
A: I can never decide if I like the scent of OCC's lip products, but I did enjoy this product. It made my lipstick go on better over already chapped lips and did improve the longevity.

Marcelle Skin Enhancer BB Cream
K: The BB cream was easy to apply and kept my skin fairly clean but it was a little too dark for my skin tone and I'm not even particularly pale, so I wouldn't buy it again especially since I'm not generally a big fan of skin makeup.
A: I'm not a big fan of the shimmer throughout, as I prefer to just highlight in certain places and stay matte everywhere else, and it is definitely too dark for my skin. It also feels a bit sticky, so there are others I prefer.

Ecotools Brow Shaping Set 
K: The brow kit was cute but the eyebrow stencils were not a shape I'd ever want my eyebrows to be. You also had to buy the colour separately, so it was disappointing, to be honest. 
A: My eyebrows do fit the stencil mostly, so I might use it. Unfortunately, I use the Benefit Goof Proof pencil, so I'm unlikely to use the brush, but the small angular brush could be used for eyeliner, and I like the brow brush and lash separator far more than last month's.

Nuxe Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Cream
K: The anti-fatigue moisturiser felt great and gave a nice tingle. I don't think it had a particularly long lasting effect though. 

A: I absolutely love the scent of this, and it left my skin feeling so soft and smooth. However, I have oily skin at the moment because I'm ill, and since this is designed for normal to combination, I wouldn't recommend it if you're that skin type.

Beauty Protector Leave-In Conditioner
K: The leave in conditioner was fantastic! It made my hair super soft and got rid of knots really effectively. I was sceptical at first as my hair gets greasy easily but it wasn't a problem at all. It also smelled amazing. 
A: I adore the smell of this, it makes my hair so soft but not greasy, and could probably be used in lieu of a conditioner.

Ecotools Blending and Bronzing Brush
A: I accidentally ordered two boxes, one from promotional offer, and I cancelled my standing order the day after the money was taken by my account :(. Anyway, the second box was identical to the first, except for this brush, so I was very lucky, as Ecotools is probably my favourite brush brand. The only problem I have is that it got a little squashed in transit and hasn't properly reshaped yet.