Happy Birthday Klara!!

Today my best chum in the whole world officially becomes a Highly Responsible Adult, so here's a little tribute post because I love you lots! I know I wrote you a v long card but here's something for your actual birthday :)

Firstly HIPPIE BUFDAIII KLARA LARAAAAAA! It feels like it was only a couple of years ago when we had Top Bantz at your uncle's wedding and danced like white dads at a barbeque at various parties and when we rang that guy from school with the really weird voicemail with my friend Niamh. Random little meet ups like when I went to your house and we went on a long walk across the fields and we ran through the entire plot of Miranda.

(These photos are from 2015 but I can't find any from the Miranda era because I think it was before the invention of the iPhone? 😉 )

It feels almost longer ago that we started to chat on email (did I imagine that?) and then kik (lmao who does that still) before we had the Epic Adventure with Lollies, which was followed by many cinema trips and lots of fun!!

That September, our friendship was *almost* torn apart when we got v v v v v drunk, I made an EXCELLENT fire against all of the odds, weather and disbelief in my skills (see photo). Twas a fun night with nuggets and the cinema the next day and I managed to slide down a wall while putting pyjamas on, and killed my foot for the next six months. But I think we learned that I am not subtle when drunk (later reinforced at Mandypalooza when I was Very Unsubtle in who I thought was fit *dies of shame*)!!

So after that I didn't see you for ages and ages (such sad, much cry) until Sammie hosted her Christmas party, which was cute too, involving river walks, middle fingers up at restaurants belonging to twats, matching Starbucks, green face masks, not to mention on-CUMMING traffic! 

It was finally 2016 and I was thinking 'ooh yay Klar will be able to drive so I'll see her loads'. We went to Birmingham and went into all the photo booths we could find to have adorable times.


This theory was okay until you got the plague and I saw you only once, and felt very sorry for you, but got the cutest card and a mixtape and a fancy man's aftershave to get you through the ordeal. It was the beginning of your new life as Kclara, which was Starbucks' fond name for you. Names since have included Clara, courtesy of gtc and Kara, another Starbucks blunder!

We didn't see each other again till Mandypalooza. lol. That's all I'm saying. Ooh, and also I managed to take a really fit picture of you for your facebook profile, and the WORST photo ever of us two. Too hideous to show. Ever. Then I didn't get to see you for yonks because you got a boyfriend who is a good egg and I got one who was a complete knob (is there a theme with me?!), but when I also contracted the plague, you came to see me for my burfdai, and cheered me up lots with Burfday Bangerz and lollies and hugs.

Our friendship, however, isn't just the times we see each other, because sometimes they are few and far between. It's the fuckboy list, our many appreciation societies, the Depreciation Society, our love for Doge, The 1975 and 2000s tv shows and movies. YOU'RE A NU*implied t's*ER GORGAH. 

You're the best my chum!! It makes me a bit sad in some ways because you're growing old and next year you'll be at uni. However, we'll probably see each other the same amount as we do now, and it'll be cute as ever. So, you're 18 today and when you feel sad, just remember that you're funny and kind and even when you think you're mean you're still sweet, otherwise how would you have such an AMAZING person as me as your BFFYEWYDWM (best friend for yonks, even when you don't want me ;) ). 

Love you lots famalam, have a great burfday and I'll probs see you in about 8 months <3333



  1. Happy belated, did you have a good time? Also your friendship is super cute as I think I've commented before. Thank you for posting :)