LookFantastic Beauty Box // November 2016

This month's LookFantastic Box was the Sparkle box. It had a Christmassy theme and, as always, was super cute. This post comes very late in the month, so sorry, but I have been an expert in procrastination!

In the box this month were actually some lovely products.

It contains:

This first product is the hair oil. WHY do we get so much hair oil in these boxes? I have no idea, and I will never need to buy myself a hair oil, but this is fantastic. I like a lot of the fancy L'Oreal ranges (Professionnel, Kerastase) and this is not a let down. I also appreciate that even in the sample, they give you a glass bottle.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive, especially considering it's £23. However, it does work and is buildable, without being disgusting. I don't really use hair products, but if I did, this would definitely be a hit.

This isn't the world's best brush, although it's lovely and soft, it's definitely not compact. However, the money goes to a good cause, and it would be perfect for something like highlighting the brow bone and nose with a powder.

I feel like even this photo is a little washed out: this is SO pigmented. However, it's far, far too sparkly, and also seems to blend out from ridiculously pigmented to just sparkles in the tiniest second.

I found that this made my skin SO SOFT, but it did feel a little heavy. I think I would use this infrequently, when my skin was in dire need.

This, probably due to the placebo effect, or the fact that a fine, cool mist to the legs is rather relaxing, does actually work. And it smells nice. Would I pay £14 for it? Probably not, to be honest.