Poetry, Letters and Other 'Old Fashioned' Literature

How is an homage to language even possible to do, unless you're about two hundred years dead, probably? Both Klar and I like to read, we send letters to each other, and I write poetry while she writes the most amazing insightful mini-journals. However, this post is solely about why I love to write.

I like to send letters to a couple of my friends, for different reasons. I send ones to one of my friends because of distance, and also because it's sometimes difficult to have a conversation where we are both there at the same time. Then Klara and I send letters, just because we're cute, there's something inherently uplifting about receiving post that isn't a bank statement or subscription, and because you put more thought into a letter. There's no delete key, so it seems more thoughtful. That and the fact that it's tactile; I keep letters in a box under my bed, whereas Facebook messenger messages and snapchats are there one minute, gone or replaced the next.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on a poem that is one of my favourites, because it's special between me and one of my friends. I also mentioned that I *dabble* in writing a wee bit myself, in that I take it very seriously but present it to hardly anyone ever (strangers on my Tumblr that nobody from my life knows exists), and when I do, it's in the light-hearted 'take a look at this bit of crap I was working on in my spare time' sort of fashion, and I wait about six months before posting anything. That's all that it is: I know a lot is superficial, and older stuff has depth forsaken in favour of rhyme or the correct number of syllables. I especially like haikus because you have 17 syllables to speak, so words are a scarcity.

Also while we are on the subject: a homage or an homage? :)