Amber and Klar Review: 2016

Klar and I thought that in typical fashion we'd review a whole year! 2016 has widely been regarded as a highly crappy year (something about Mercury in retrograde lmao??) and some of this review does reflect that, but we also have our favourite albums, memes and other lovely things!

Favourite meme

A: Joe Biden memes for sure. My friend Ana and I especially enjoyed them, but in a dark time of political turmoil, I love how the world reduces the current Vice President of the USA to the world's most passive aggressive man.
K: Kermit 'me to me'

Most annoying meme

A: Damn Daniel without a doubt
K: 'fucking damn Daniel'

The general consensus here was that it was an unfunny thing in the first place, which was then done TO DEATH but couldn't be made any funnier or create different jokes.

Favourite purchase of 2016:

A: Fluffy socks
K: Fluffy dressing gown

Best artist we discovered:

The Japanese House: it was really relatable music from an artist that isn't very well known. We discovered them around the same time but I absolutely love it: ethereal kind of alternative pop.

Favourite song:

A: Fat Fingers by the wonderful clipping.
K: 7 by Catfish and the Bottlemen

Favourite album:

A: The Ride by Catfish and the Bottlemen. CATB are one of my favourite bands (roll on Reading next year!!) and I wanted 7 as my favourite song, but so did Klar so I settled for the whole album which I adore. Contains the beautiful Soundcheck, Oxygen, and Emily which I put on a mixtape I've made for my friend Emily :)

K: I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It by The 1975- so beautiful, read our review of their live performance with the Philharmonic Orchestra here

Most annoying album:

A: Busted's Night Driver, which is such a bloody disappointment. My 2000s were filled with 'Air Hostess' and 'Year 3000' and was so excited to hear about a new album. This? Bleugh
K: The Weeknd's Starboy (sure to be a big success) because I used to love the Weeknd and I hate his new album.

Favourite film:

A: Girl On The Train. I loved this film, having not read the book, despite Emily Blunt's ambiguous accent in the opening monologue (is she English?? Is she American??) :)
K: Finding Dory: it was adorable and hilarious and made me smile!

Favourite book:

A: Nicci French's 'Friday On My Mind' which is the fifth in a series that I'd highly recommend. It's a crime psychological thriller-y thing that is gripping and so suspenseful.
K: Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin. It was about healing and overcoming things that you never thought you would and falling in love, all with a thrilling murder mystery story spun together.

Favourite quote of the year:

A: 'Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love and love cannot be killed or swept aside'
This was my quote of the year, in an awards show acceptance speech, in reference to the terrible Orlando shootings. 
K: 'Don't expect me to be sane, I can't, not with you'
I found it while I was reading 'Girl on the Train' and I loved the sentiment behind it that he's so madly in love with her that he can't even comprehend being rational around her.

Favourite tv show:

A: Gilmore Girls! I have watched all 7 seasons this year while ill, and I'm starting the reboot, which was actually released this year.
K: Game Of Thrones; it's exciting and dramatic, and the costumes and characters are fantastic and this season was no different!

Thing we're most grateful for from 2016:

A: My friends probably <3333
K: James because he makes me happy.

Biggest 'fuck politics' moment:

A: The bigotry throughout and in the days directly following the Trump campaign.
K: Brexit, see my viewpoint here and Amber's here.

Biggest dick of 2016:

A&K: Joint honours go to gtc for living up to his name, and Trump, for the horrible sexist/racist comments made, and breeding of hatred.

Relationship status throughout 2016:

A: In a relationship, single, dating someone, in a relationship with someone else, single now.
K: Single, seeing James March-August, in a relationship with James until present. 

Favourite makeup product of 2016:

A: Benefit Goof Proof eyebrow pencils, which are actually properly dark without being black, like my eyebrows. My ex's sister waxed my eyebrows and one appeared to grow further out than the other, which I was super self-conscious of.
K: Unicorn Horn makeup brushes: they're pretty and colourful and soft.

Celeb death that affected us the most:

A: Alan Rickman, who I've seen in films ranging from Love Actually to Harry Potter, or the inimitable Prince, of whom I saw a beautiful cover of Purple Rain in June, and everyone was singing along together.
K: David Bowie, who was so special to me as a kid.

Proudest moment of 2016:

A: I got the chance in the summer to debate at a camp and by the end, I felt so proud of myself, because I made so many friends and didn't feel out of my depth :)
K: Passing my driving test because I worked really hard for it, and my driving instructor didn't think I could do it, so I proved him wrong.