Christmas on DepSoc: Festive Coffeeshop Treats

With Christmas almost upon us, there is no shortage of festive treats and drinks around, and I absolutely adore them. So I rounded up a few of my recommendations :)

1. Amaretti latte from Costa

This is INSANE. Get yourself to Costa and literally drink some amaretti biscuits. It's so nice, warming and even though I'd not think of Amaretti biscuits as especially Christmassy, in a latte it's amazing, and a twist on the 'classic' gingerbread latte, which I personally wouldn't recommend as much from Costa as it isn't very gingerbready!

2. Gingerbread doughnut from Krispy Kreme

They have a few Christmassy specials, also including one that looks like Santa (with raspberry icing and chocolate filling - nice but a bit too full on!) but this is my favourite. It has crumbled up gingerbread, and is a ring doughnut, so not too intense.

3. Brie and Cranberry baguette from Pret A Manger
I love Brie and cranberry anything and it gives me serious Christmas vibes. Also if you're a vegan, rejoice! Pret have brought out their first Christmas vegan baguette too!! I unfortunately don't have any gorgeous oozing-baguette photos but trust me: if you love cheese, TRY IT!

4. Gingerbread Latte or the Fudge Hot Chocolate from Starbucks

How could I make this list without mentioning gingerbread lattes?? They're Klar's faves, I'm pretty sure, and I have recently actually tried and enjoyed them. If you don't like coffee, their fudge hot chocolates are to die for, so much richer than the slightly bitter regular (bleugh, I only drink the fudge hot chocolate so I get a month-ish of Starbucks hot chocolate!), and both come with the legendary red cups.