How To Not Feel Disgusting While Ill

I've been ill lately and I know Klara has been too, so here are some things you can do to make yourself feel normal again.

  1. Get a haircut, or at least a wash and trim. This is the ultimate. My hair gets absolutely awful when I'm sick (it's been dry af but gets greasy way too easily) and so today I took myself down to the hairdressers and enjoyed having my hair washed, dried, cut and curled. Plus my hairdressers have massage chairs :)
  2. Talk to your friends. It sucks to not see people for a long time but just do it, even if you can't be bothered. This leads into...
  3. See people face to face (that you do not live with). The people you live with don't count, you'll have seen them already. I mean, get out and even if you just go for a coffee for half an hour, you'll enjoy seeing some people that you love. Also you can catch up properly!
  4. Go shopping. Treat yo'self <3
  5. If you've been sick/lost your appetite, buy some of your favourite food and actually be able to enjoy it once you're feeling better.
  6. 'Cry' - my good friend Klara Hughes suggested this, and I'm on board with this suggestion lol. Crying in the face of shitness is sometimes a good plan.
  7. Do a face pack. My skin also is disgusting when I'm sick, so this can make it feel soft and clear up imbalances.
  8. Sleep. I love sleeping so much. 
  9. If you've put on weight, as I have, don't worry. As soon as you get back up and moving, you will lose it.
  10. Paint your nails, sing along super loud to songs, play the flute, or do whatever it is you love!