My month in 5 photos: November

Sadly as I have been both busy and unorganised this month, my 5 photos for November are a little late but here they are.

This month celebrated my birthday, and so much of that was with my amazing boyfriend. My grandma took this photo of the two of us and I love it so much.

Sadly, this month was not only filled with celebrations but also with sadness. My Opa passed away from a brain tumour on the 22nd of November after a long year of fighting it, so one of my photos is a happy memory of him when he was healthy.

This month both James and I sent off our university applications, which has been rather stressful so to lighten the mood he sent me this photo of 'his personal statement'. It made me giggle and so far he has received 4 offers (definitely because of me) and I have received all 5.

More birthday photos I'm afraid, but this one of my little brother makes me giggle so it had to be included.

My final picture is a little boring but 90% of this month has been spent doing history coursework, so this photo is of one of the primary sources I have been using.