Top 10 Christmas Gifts

A friend of mine tweeted that she really loves seeing what other people got for Christmas so it inspired me to do a blog post. I am extremely lucky because I got lots and lots of presents so I decided to just list my top ten so far (I still haven't had my present from Amber ;) I'm looking forward to it though!).

  1. My amazing boyfriend bought me a Pandora ring for Christmas (no it isn't an engagement ring, thanks Grandma for the assumption) and I absolutely love it. It's silver and has a pearl on it surrounded by sparkly leaves and it's gorgeous.
  2. My parents bought me a device that converts the CD player in my car into a radio that can have an aux cord plugged into it which I'm really looking forward to using
  3. My English grandparents always go all out for Christmas and this year was no different. My favourite gift from them this year was a Chanel perfume that smells wonderful.
  4. I got loads of socks from various people and they are so soft and so warm and just wonderful.
  5. I also got millions of bath bombs for Christmas and they make me happy too.
  6. One of my friends bought me unicorn makeup brushes that are just beautiful and super soft which makes me feel like a fairy or a princess or something when I use them.
  7. My aunt is amazing at baking and baked the best shortbread I'd ever tasted for my family this year, it was fantastic.
  8. My grandma bought me a photo snow globe and put a picture of me and James in it which was hilarious and also really cute.
  9. My mum bought me a beautiful, navy, duffle coat which is warm and looks really good too.
  10. My Oma buys me a Christmas ornament for my tree every year. This year it was a sparkly ice skate that I love to bits.