10 Worst Things About Being Sick

[Amber made a list of things she hates as a result of being ill towards the end of last year, which you can find here]

So I've spent a LOT of time being sick and it sucks so I thought I'd blog about why it does.

  1. You miss out on fun things (parties, school trips, outings, dates etc.).
  2. You miss out on important things, such as lessons.
  3. You can't eat :(
  4. You can't do anything except lie in bed and watch TV.
  5. You feel disgusting.
  6. You look disgusting.
  7. As a result of social media you can see everyone else having fun without you.
  8. Doctors' surgeries always have ridiculously long waiting times.
  9. You have to drink exceptional amounts and it's just not fun.
  10. You need to sleep but you just can't.