Amber Rants: Gilmore Girls Kills Me

This is a slightly more light-hearted Amber Rants, so if you're looking for the more juicy and vitriolic posts, turn away now :). See, there's even a smiley face, and presently, an exclamation mark!


Despite some of its shortcomings, and honestly, offensive jokes, particularly with the early series, when in 1999 people still used spaz and other words like that on tv, I am in love with the show. Despite the very true claims people make about Lorelai being an awful person (kinda true), and Rory being whiny (hmm true sometimes), I freaking love it.

Dean was the only one I was less keen on, I liked him at the beginning but he was kind of boring. Jess, Rory's intellectual match and total babe <333333, even freaking Logan Huntzberger, who I'm not sure why I like as he's v douchey for a while?? In fact, I feel such a soft spot for him, as I watched all 7 series and then the bloody 6 hour series from this year, so he feels the freshest. The characters are all so well-rounded, that one of the frequently heard complaints is that the characters are kind of dick-ish. However, this is what makes it so human, so goooood.

I cried when Jess left, I bloody sobbed as Rory monologued in front of Logan, and yet I ENJOY THIS EMOTIONAL TURMOIL. It's like I freaking enjoy hurting myself in some sadistic binge-watching fashion. BECAUSE I LOVE EVERY SINGLE GUY THAT APPEARS.

I've been watching this programme practically non-stop since October (and it was my programme of 2016 in our review of the year here), and I'm so attached. Gilmore Girls, you kill me <3