Hamilton LDN Ticket-Buying Advice

I managed to get tickets in the pre-sale but it was HORRIFIC. I know a lot of people that didn't manage to, but here's some advice for the general sale.

-The queues may start before the ticket sale actually begins, but if you get through you'll probably get bumped back out, as you won't actually be able to buy any tickets, and there's only a certain period of inactivity you're allowed.

-Have your details copied from a Word document or a different tab or something so you're all set.

-Don't try and click on the first date. The chance of you getting it is tiny, and the time it takes to click on a seat, your computer to realise they've all gone, and you to click back will mean other dates may have already sold out: be realistic :)

-Once you get in, BE FAST. Tickets will be going like mad for the different dates, and during the time between clicking on the ticket you want, and the page you load, the ticket may already have gone.

-Make a Ticketmaster account, and make sure you have all your details ready to go. You'll need to be FAST. I had forgotten my password and I had to make a new one, but the timer in the bottom right was making me so flustered 😂😂.

-Try not to panic. I screamed the whole way through entering the details!

-Ticket cap is 6, which is kind of the standard, and more than the pre release amount.

- Physical tickets won't be handed out, which means there won't be the huge resales and bot-buying that was seen on Broadway (tickets went for the crazy price of up to $10,000).

-Don't refresh the page. Ticketmaster likes to torture us, because you can't actively doooo anything, just sit in the queue. Unlike things like Glastonbury, which you actually feel like you're actively getting your tickets, you just have to wait for it to load, or not.

-Check Twitter. In the pre-sale, it was trending on Twitter, so have a look at what people are saying.

There are also a few things to make it gross and terrifying:

-Why is it being held at noon?!

-The queue situation is rubbish, and some people were having waits of 40 minutes whereas others, just joining, would get in straight away. Try on as many devices that you have.

-Also, if you don't manage to get a ticket in pre-release or general, the whole system is designed to prevent resale, so you'll likely have to wait quite a while before the second leg opens up to buy for.

Good luck :)