LookFantastic Beauty Box // December 2016

This is very very late, so apologies, but I've been so busy, what with Christmas, and studying etc! This month's LookFantastic box was the #LFXmas and felt lovely and festive, with a rose gold box. Inside were 6 products, and I've been able to use all but one of them this month.

It contained:

- Bubble T Hibiscus & Acai Berry Bath Bomb

This was the one that I couldn't use, and I really wanted to! It smells absolutely amazing, however I got my bellybutton pierced within the last month and you're not really supposed to take baths while it's healing. I can't wait to try it though!

There's usually a Balance Me skin product in these boxes, they seem to be a company favoured by the likes of Birchbox etc. This was quite good, but I'm currently alternating between the Benefit skincare range and Lush's natural soaps, and I wouldn't leave my routine for it.


This is gorgeous, expensive, but gorgeous. It made my hair have ridiculous volume which was amazing, and left it luscious and in such good condition. I'm not sure if I'd bite the bullet and buy the full size, but it was a truly amazing experience :)

-Mellow Cosmetics Lipstick in Madness

This was a gorgeous festive colour that is a rich, pigmented red, that is semi-matte, in my opinion, although it's marketed as fully matte. I've only worn it once, as I'm not really a big red-lipstick-in-the-day wearer, but it looked amazing. It's also vegan, which is always great

This was possibly the most hydrating mask I've ever used, and I'm not a big sheet mask user as I usually think they feel really gross and slimey. To be honest, this was no different, but it did make a difference and had so much serum to rejuvenate my skin.

-Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer

Legendary, again fairly expensive, but it did really hydrate my skin and create a nice base for foundation. However, as I don't struggle with oily skin, I think I'd prefer the mattifying one.