LookFantastic Beauty Box // January 2017

New year, newly organised (well for the first month anyway!) me. Anyway, this isn't as late as some months, so I feel Super Proud :).

There were 6 products in the box this month and for the first time that I've seen, there was a makeup tool: some tweezers. The theme of this month was 'And So The Adventure Begins', and there have been a couple of changes to the boxes. Firstly, the box itself has slimmed down a lot, to about half the original depth, and secondly they seem to have done away with the hashtagged themes. 

This works well I guess, although ordinarily I don't use a brow tamer, but for £12, I think there are equal or better ones that you can find more cheaply, such as the Sleek one.

This is a cruelty free mascara, and is quite thick and tarry, BUT is definitely a clumper :(. You definitely need a good lash separator to use this, so it wouldn't be my everyday.

These are heavyweight metal tweezers that feel more expensive than £8. I got a pair of really good tweezers for Christmas, but I like these too as a backup or in my travel bag, as they're really pretty (they're rose gold) too!

This is bloody expensive (£48) but good. I have had very very shit skin recently, due to being ill, and this does pep it up quite well. However, I wouldn't use it under moisturiser as they suggest for dry skin, because otherwise my skin would be shiny and greasy and gross.

I find this a little dark for my skin tone, as you can see it's VERY pink. I think it would look nice as a glittery ombre eyeliner, or something, because I think even when blended out it looks like a pink stripe. 

I've had this product in about 26345676543 boxes before (slight exaggeration...) and it is good. However, I far prefer the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, which is cheaper too.

Overall, the products this month feel also a little cutesy, which I'm not overly keen on, one or two products would be fine but the luminiser, mascara and tweezers all have that vibe.