Monthly Playlist // January 2017

It's finally 2017, and this means more music! I also deleted December's playlist, as it was fairly short anyway, and there were only really about 4 songs I really enjoyed enough to listen to. So I added my favourites to this month, deleted December's post, and also added a whole load of things I love from this month. 

This month's playlist consists of a few different musical styles, seemingly in the theme of love... perhaps a theme better befitting next month?! I love The xx and their new song is in a similar vein to previous stuff, Ed Sheeran's freaking album is coming out, I added one acceptable song from Busted's new album, something gorgeous from John Legend and Ghost by Harper is haunting and beautiful.

I also added a song by the Japanese House, and while it's not especially new, I realised this month how much I love it ;)

ps. while typing this, I realise I'm squinting. Go get your eyes tested kids. Or maybe buy a good hat for in the sun :)