My Month in 5 Photos: January

January is always a difficult month for me because I hate the cold, and the dark, and mock exams, and pretty much just life in general around this time of year, so an important part of this month for me has been the support I have been getting from my friends. For this reason I have chosen to feature this photo of Midge giving me a hug on this post.

I began the month (and the new year) at a party with my favourite person so I thought this beautiful photo couldn't go without some attention.

My friend posted this on her Snapchat story earlier this month and it made me giggle.

Returning to school after the holidays is always a struggle but it is so much better when you have good friends to look forward to.

Finally, the big news this month was centred around Trump's inauguration. Without getting too political, I thought this photo of Michelle Obama was pretty funny and I have been using it as a reaction photo ever since.



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