The Boux Avenue Saga

So 3 weeks before Christmas I purchased some underwear from Boux Avenue because they did a student discount for a short period. The website promised delivery in 1-3 days so after 9 days of no delivery I sent them an email asking where my underwear was. I did not receive a reply, and my items didn't arrive for 12 days. This alone irritated me, but a month after I had sent my complaint I received an automated email apologising that they had not replied to any emails over the festive period and asking their customers to resend their complaints. On top of this, the 'discreet brown box' delivery that I had asked for was not given to me. My items were delivered in bright pink packages with Boux Avenue's logo across the front. All in all, I was highly disappointed by the service I was given and will not be ordering from them again.