Writing Poetry || An Original Poem

So here's my advice:
Maybe think twice,
Before you write a poem.
It's harder than it looks
To write one for the books
Not for the bin by the door
But if it's what you want
Choose your colour, your font
Then get down to business 
How to begin? what to write?
Pick a subject and choose your fight
But you may regret it later 
You'll waste all your time
On the word choice, the rhyme
And then get stuck by verse three
Get bored, leave it a while 
Then find that dusty file
And words will suddenly be there
Words in the front of your mind
Including the one you needed to find
With the right syllables, syntax, sound
How to end? how to finish?
Or will you let it simply diminish?
Wander away from you and softly sigh
But if you do this well
A great story you can tell
All in one simple sonnet