Amber Rants: I Am Not Your Millennial

Anonymous, 24 Nov 16: 'Wow how original-- two skinny self absorbed millenial white girls using their blog to promote their own vanity. Congrats guys'

I am not the version of a millennial that is constantly rammed down the throats of young people.

I take selfies, but I also take politics seriously.

I am not weak, I would rather know when to seek help for mental health and when to cry than keep it all inside.

I am not a 'snowflake' for wanting people to feel safe no matter their race, nationality, religion, sexuality or gender.

I am not complaining constantly: complacency isn't the right attitude when there's still work to be done.

I am not flaky for swapping brands, for swapping groups for something that doesn't label me in buzzwords and patronise me during social media campaigns. 

I didn't choose the concept of 'participation trophies', but maybe this is why I think life isn't always about establishing dominance over the competition.

I am not whining: it is better to protest and make noise rather than look back in twenty years and ask why no-one asked why.

I am not entitled, or coddled, although I recognise my privilege and that I was fortunate to be born in a (relatively) stable country.

Despite what each sentence starts with, I'm not self-absorbed. I just refuse to be associated with the negative idea of an entire generation. Stop belittling me. 



  1. Fucking whiny kids acting like their so hard done by.