A Debate-Themed Q&A with Ana

Amber writes in this font, and Ana in this

1. Why did you join your school's debating society?
Because I was bored, and thought it would be interesting.
Because I thought it would be fun

2. What do you hate most about debating?
Early starts for competitions that are the opposite side of the country 
The fact that it's so elitist and female debaters are sometimes not encouraged.

3. What do you love most about debate?
I really like winning arguments :)
It's competitive, and fun.

4. What is the hardest part about long competitions?
Keeping ideas fresh and the momentum going to do well in each round. They're quite draining and you're constantly dashing around and being pushed mentally.
Doing well in every single round, especially if you do really well the entire day and end up in your last round against some amazing teams.

5. How would you describe your relationship with your team?
Symbiotic- my partner and I have been debating for years, so we kind of know by now what the other will say.
Non-existent? Haha, no I have a better partner now, and it's pretty good: based on literature memes and politics.

6. How would you describe your relationship with your coach/teacher?
I'm considering setting up a rival debating society within my school ;)
Adventurous :)

7. Would you describe yourself as a good, average, or bad debater?
I'm okay...
I'm okay... 

8. Do you genuinely enjoy philosophy?
Yes, the world confuses me

9. Do you genuinely enjoy politics/current events?
Yes, there are also some very good memes 

10. What was your first competition like?
You kind of feel like your head has just been chopped off, as you're so used to just your society that the pressure and other teams make you feel wayyy more out of your depth.
Very challenging, having a partner with whom you've never spoken before it quite uncomfortable

11. What's the most important thing debating has taught you?
How to think faster, and use your brain well

12. What would you sacrifice for success?
Idk, sleep, Saturdays and other time etc
A lot of things, probably, except for friendships and relationships, as it's sad to be a lonely debater

13. What's the key to winning for you?

14. How do you get inspiration for speeches/cases?
After pulling out the key direction we want to go in with a case, I just constantly ask questions (mostly 'why') during prep time.
I watch lots of debates online

15. Do you think debating is too esoteric or specialised?
Depends what the motion is I guess, some very specific IR motions can be, as opposed to others which are more general principles.
Yes in some cases, no in others.

16. Has debating shown you some of your better characteristics?
I made lots of good friends, so I guess it has?
It's made me friendlier and showed me how to use information effectively.

17. What do you wear to competitions?
Comfortable shoes are a must
Smart casual, or casual

18. What's your favourite thing to eat at competitions?

19. How do you stay awake and sharp at competitions?
Adrenaline and sugary snacks
I slept for 4 hours before a comp once, and had an energy drink. Also plenty of chocolate and chewy sweets, I like Haribos.

20. How do you deal with competitors that you hate?
Avoid them 
You mean 90% of the people you see?

21. What was the best motion that you've had?
I quite like ones where aid and sanctions are tied to the human rights record of a country
Criminalising all public climate change denial as I got to rip into Steve Bannon

22. How do you respond to failure?
Hide in a corner

23. What's the most important relationship you have made through debating?
I found my parents, as two of my good friends have now adopted me ;)
My husband and my child :)

24. If this weekend were your last tournament ever, what would you make sure to do at it?
Probably actually make the final, rather than having to take the train back home
Get higher than 83 speaks, and then celebrate with my husband and child!