DepSoc Travels: Amber's London Escapade

I had the cutest day with my friend Ana on Saturday when I went to see her in London. I haven't seen her for a few months, what with being ill, and both of us being quite busy, so it was lovely to catch up. The only downside was that Josh was off at a debating competition, or it would have been a proper family meet up <3

I have never had a bubble tea before, so on our way to the Tate Modern, we stopped off and got one, and they're so good! We went to Bubbleology, and here is a terrible photo we took on our way!

We opted for the Tate Modern over the other galleries and museums that we could have gone to, and I really enjoyed it. We un-ironically had some really in-depth conversations about the pieces, which is always nice, and I captured Ana's awe at one of the artworks. On the 10th floor, there is an observation balcony, which had some amazing views of London.

We also went to Wagamama and ordered lots of food to share, including the spicy chicken ramen, chicken katsu, duck pancakes and some spicy squid, and we also seemed to have a ridiculous amount of plates, as we dished everything out between us, but it was gorgeous.

We went on a really long walk around London and then to a huge tea shop, called T2 (you can find their online store here). They have so many different varieties, as well as a tasting counter, so we tried a variety of oddly named teas (including Up All Nighty Aphrodite). We may never be allowed back though, as we accidentally spilled tea over the floor while laughing too hard.

After that, we carried on walking around London (not making use of the Oyster card kindly lent to me!), swatching expensive powder foundation on our faces, admiring the amazing Easter eggs in the Selfridges food hall, and finally speed walking for my train home. I had such a good day, which made up for the fact that I had to stand up for an hour and a half on the way home!



  1. You guys are the cutest!

    - J.

    1. Thank you so much, we were missing a third of our potential cuteness but it was a fun day nonetheless! :)

  2. This is frickin ADORABLE ... but you were such a tourist in your own country lol :D