LookFantastic Beauty Box // February 2017

The LookFantastic Beauty Box this month followed the same theme as the January one (thinner box, no hashtag theme) so clearly, this is the rebrand, probably for this year. I didn't like last month's box at all really, so I was hoping for something better for February.

There were six products this month:

  • myvitamins Catwalk Queen Vitamins 
These vitamins smelled really disgusting when I opened them, as well as being huge. I'm a really bad person at keeping up with taking them, so I'm not sure if I actually would.
This was actually a really nice lightweight moisturiser. The company behind it, The Ordinary, make nice products based on simple ingredients, without parabens, animal testing etc. This moisturiser is also quite affordable, at £5.95.
a) I looked like Shrek, Shrekber if you will. 
b) You only leave it on for 2-5 minutes and GODDAMN I could see why, my skin was kind of stinging. 
c) It is a little drying, but my skin quickly returned to normal, even before putting moisturiser on.
d) BLOODY HELL it's expensive.
It's nice and very cooling, I'm not sure how good it was at minimising puffiness, as I don't suffer that badly, but it was quite good with my dark circles.
It smells mostly of lavender, and while it is soothing because it kind of ONLY smells like lavender, I might just pick a couple of sprigs or something instead of buying this. It definitely smells nice, though.
  • Model Co Eyelites Cream Shadow/Eyeliner/Highlighter/anything you want it to be
I actually can't find this for sale online, which is a shame as it's really really pretty, and I adore the colour. I personally like to use it as a base and then draw my winged eyeliner.

While this month wasn't bad, it was a tad disappointing, and I hope next month's will improve a bit. I loved the cream eyeshadow and the eye cream, the face mask and the moisturiser were quite good, and I wouldn't buy either the vitamins nor the aromatherapy scent.