Things I am looking forward to this month

I have a lot to look forward to this month and I'm feeling a bit down so I thought writing about them might cheer me up.

  1. I am going to try a new dessert cafe with Amber in a week or two which will be interesting and hopefully delicious.
  2. I'm celebrating Valentine's Day twice, once with my boyfriend and once with my friend Midge which will be lovely both times.
  3. Half term will give me time for a couple of lie ins!
  4. I'm visiting London next week for a university applicant day which will be a bit nerve wracking but also hopefully quite good fun.
  5. My new art project is making me really inspired so I'm excited to start that!
  6. I have some bathbombs left from Christmas so I have some nice baths to look forward to too.
  7. My 6 month anniversary with my boyfriend! We're going ice skating :)
  8. One of my close friends is turning 18 soon.

I realise that this is probably a boring post for most people, but it's made me happy so I don't care.