I apologise for the negativity of this post but I feel this is important to say. I am not one to often speak out about my political beliefs, as I usually don't feel it is worth the arguments it can cause but I am still very upset about the results of last year's referendum. I think it is thoroughly unfair that people who will not live long enough to see the effects of this decision were allowed to vote whereas I was not simply because I was 5 months off of my 18th birthday. Statistics show that within ONE WEEK of the referendum the tiny percentage that tipped the vote had already died! Yet parliament bangs on and on about 'the will of the people'. Furthermore, many of the 'facts' that the leave campaign presented have turned out to be either faked or simply incorrect. I cannot see why a decision like this can be made this simply without further consideration and it makes me very angry. On top of this, I am the daughter of a European immigrant. My grandparents (her in laws) told my mother that it was 'not her but the other immigrants' who were the issue. I love them very much but I just feel that this perfectly captures the narrow mindedness of many of the people who voted to leave.