I Changed My Whole Skincare Routine

Previous skincare routine:
Cleanse in the morning
Usually, just a makeup removal in the evening, unless I had a shower or face mask or something
Benefit moisturiser

Current skincare routine:
Exfoliation in the morning
Cleanse in the evening
Mud mask once a week
L'Oreal Extraordinary facial oil

I am the type that has vastly differing skin: one week it'll be typical combination, then super dry, then so oily that my foundation feels like it's sliding off... you get the picture. Recently my skin has been horrific: so oily that I feel like I'm shining brighter than a diamond by 10am, so when I heard of the concept of using facial oil to combat the problem, I nearly cried laughing so hard.

And it seems so counter-intuitive: oil onto oily skin surely only gets worse?! The short answer is no: my skin feels softer, mattified and moisturised without the excess that was driving me nuts. It's recommended for all skin types, and although it can be a little difficult to find the right oil type, once you do there are serious results, and I couldn't recommend it more.

I currently use the L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil facial oil (all mentioned are linked), which is good, although I'm not sure I'd recommend this for dryer skin. If you want a cruelty free oil, (which I'll buy after using this up) I'd recommend the Skyn Arctic Face Oil, which I have only ever tried as a sample, or you can make your own up with different quantities of certain oils.