LookFantastic Beauty Box // March 2017

Finally, we have an outstanding beauty box for 2017. Maybe this is Elle's influence, as it's their take-over, and there is literally only one product I wouldn't use, and that's because I don't fake tan :)

This month's box contained the following goodies:

I actually really like this moisturiser: it's very very lightweight, which I personally enjoy, as sticky moisturisers slightly disgust me. However, it does also smell a little bit like lettuce.

This is also quite lightweight so I would pair it with the moisturiser above if I really wanted to heavily moisturise (I have combination skin that also periodically varies in oiliness, so for dry skin days this would be perfect). It also smells AMAZING.

This, on the face of it, seemed a little too dark for my skin but did seem to blend out okay, especially for mellowing out dark circles which need that orangey tone. It also claims to have spot fighting properties such as Salicylic Acid, which is v good, although probably doesn't make a huuuuge difference, as surely the pore-clogging aspects equal it out.

I don't fake tan, except for rare occasions at the beginning of leg-baring season, when I have to wear little socks or whatever. I might, therefore, use it in the future, but not at the moment, although St. Tropez is a trusted brand, so I could see myself experimenting with this.

MY HAIR HAS NEVER BEEN SOFTER. I'm not sure if the heating properties of this sachet actually helped or anything, but this is a v good conditioner.

Here I am, modelling this eye mask very fetchingly. It felt kind of disgusting to pull out of the packet, especially as you had to peel off two slimy layers but so nice when it was actually on my eyes. I let the serum dry on my eyes, though, which I probably shouldn't have done, and had to wash it off in the shower. All in all, it was really soothing and nice to just take 15 mins to cool down and de-stress.